Capability Manual
GAC Accreditation Certificate (ISO 17025:2005) Dubai
GAC Accreditation Scope (ISO 17025 :2005)-Lube Oil/Transformer Oil/Natural Gas/Aviation Fuel
ENAS Accreditation Certificate & Scope (ISO 17025:2005) Fujairah
DAC Accreditation Certificate (ISO 17025:2005)
DAC Accreditation Scope (ISO 17025 : 2005)-Water/Waste water/Food-Water Microbiology/Cosmetics
OCM - Turbine Oil Analysis - Report Format
IFIA Membership certificate
Geo-Chem IFIA compliance Code
Geo-Chem IFIA Compliance Program
Quality Policy
Transformer oil Analysis report format
Crode Oil Assay
Geo-Chem Middle East ISO Certificate
Fujairah Branch ISO Certificate
Abu Dhabi Branch ISO Certificate
Geo Chem Oman ISO certificate
Safety Statistics
Water & Electricity Consumption
Recruitment & Competency Assessment Training
Mission & Vision
Human Rights Policy
HSE Policy
Health Monitoring Report
HR Manual
Ethics, Diversity and Equality, Sustainability Policy
Drug & Alcohol Policy
Environment Policy Statement
Assessment of Suppliers – Environment


  "Dubai Laboratory is accredited to ISO 17025 : 2005 for Cosmetics  Testing...."  

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