Geo-Chem Middle East is committed to providing the highest levels of safety management. Our objective is to create a positive culture where safety and environment concerns are addressed proactively and are the responsibility of all our staff. Geo-Chem Middle East also ensures that, whenever practicable, their activities are ahead of legal requirements and standard for environmental best practice in the countries they operate.

We recognize that our company has a duty to continually strive to lesson our impact and to be transparent and accountable for our business operations. Geo-Chem Middle East will works closely with our clients on HSE issues and shall participate in a variety of environmental initiatives for client operating companies. As a learning organization, our company shall always open to new concepts and initiatives that will help to improve our environmental performance.

All our activities shall be carried out:

o Without causing accidents, injury or any other negative health exposure to the Personnel.
o Without reducing the personnel's safety.
o Without causing damage to the environment or material.
o In such a manner that the work encourages improvement in well-being, staff relations and personal    development.
o With a focus on optimizing health, safety and environment aspects in respect of design and products.
o Minimizing risk by identifying and assessing hazards and taking preventative actions to control them to an    acceptable limit.
o Preventing or minimizing emissions and discharge to the environment.
o Disposing of waste materials only after due regard has been given to the appropriate legal restrictions and    the possible environmental consequences.
o Maintaining a robust system for monitoring, reviewing and auditing performance in relation to HSE.

Geo-Chem Middle East considers that in all HSE matters it is preferable to be proactive rather than reactive. The company shall strive to maintain a positive safety culture, characterized by mindful management. The commitments in this Policy shall be reviewed at least annually to ensure ongoing suitability and compliance with ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 standards, as well as, of course, all applicable laws and regulations of Country of operations.

We review our Health Safety and Environmental management system and conduct audit periodically so as to achieve continual improvement and realistic performance.

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