Proper Inspection, Sampling and monitoring of cargos and commodities is essential to insure fair trade between buyers and sellers on account of quality, quantity and suitability. We at Geo-Chem Middle East understand this importance and through experienced personnel


Geo-Chem Middle East Independent Inspection &, Testing Company, established in the year 1999. Pioneer, innovator, for the past one decade Geo-Chem Middle Ease has been on the forefront of the Petroleum and petrochemical analysis...





Geo Chem Middle East has been active in Calibration Services in the Middle East region ever since our petroleum laboratory was functional in the year 1999. In the initial stages, the scope was limited to calibration of simple lab




Geo Chem Middle East commenced Collateral Management Services wing in the year 2001. Over the years, its scope of activities has expanded and its network has grown with the growth of





Prevention of pollution to protect the environment is an obligation of each individual to make it safe for the present and future generations. GEO CHEM MIDDLE EAST, as an inspection and testing organization, realize the gravity of the present



Everybody makes use of oil and gas everyday. Oil is used to power all types of engines including those of cars, buses, trucks, ships and aircra-fts.Lubricant analysis is a wide



"Dubai Laboratory is accredited to ISO 17025 : 2005 for Cosmetics  Testing...."

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We are renowned as cargo inspectors and surveyors and have proven our expertise in Inspection, Survey and Testing of diverse export, import and locally traded cargo and commodities. An Independent, unbiased and quality driven inspection and testing company, Geo-Chem today has a strong presence in over 27 countries world-wide.

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