Geo-Chem Middle East Independent Inspection &, Testing Company, established in the year 1999. Pioneer, innovator, leader — for the past one decade Geo-Chem Middle East has been on the forefront of the Petroleum and petrochemical analysis industry. Today we are the leading innovator of technology services bringing advanced analytical solutions to a wide range of products.

Geo-Chem Middle East offers testing and analyses services based on all International standards such as ASTM, IP, BS, ISO, IEC, APHA, GS & FDA/BAM. Our procedures based on international standards, stringent quality assurance programs and ISO 17025 accreditation contribute and offer the highest accuracy and insight for product qualifications and special investigations.

Clients are updated regularly by most modern means of communication, keeping in view their individual
requirements and ensuring the protection of their interest.

Traders around the world have placed their trust in GEO-CHEM’s services repeatedly and exclusively as
they have found us to be their “eyes and hands” on their field of interest

We carry out Testing of the following products

o Condensate/Crude oil
o Potable/ Fresh /Waste water
o Biological & Microbiological testing
o Naphtha
o Aviation fuel
o Gasoline
o Bunker, Diesel & Long Residue
o Asphalt & Bitumen
o Lubricant
o Gas
o Petrochemical, Solvent & Aromatics
o Fertilizer
o Fire Fighting Foam/Halon
o Food
o Coolant
o Detergent
o Tea
o Sugar
o Metals
o Agricultural products
o Chemicals
o Processed and packaged food products
o Stack Monitoring

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"Dubai Laboratory is accredited to ISO 17025 : 2005 for Cosmetics  Testing...."

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