Prevention of pollution to protect the environment is an obligation of each individual to make it safe for the present and future generations.

GEO CHEM MIDDLE EAST, as an inspection and testing organization, realize the gravity of the present environmental challenges and ensure all possible measures to remain responsible towards CLEAN AIR,CLEAN WATER & CLEAN EARTH slogan.

Highlighting this slogan, we are operating two testing laboratories in the United Arab Emirates. Our main environmental testing lab is located in Dubai and another lab in Fujairah. Dubai is the business and industrial hub of U.A.E. Fujairah is the second largest bunker port in the world.

Our environmental testing laboratories are equipped with most modern instruments and testing techniques to determine various analyte of interest from very low level to higher detection level. Test methods followed are renowned standards or internationally accepted testing methodology.

Listed below is our laboratory testing area’s on environmental sector:

1. Organic and Inorganic composition or contaminants of water/soil.

2. Effluent water analysis to determine the purification requirements or the land/sea discharge limits compliance.

3. Industrial stack monitoring.

4.Work atmosphere air quality monitoring.

5.Long term or short term continuous monitoring of ambient air.

6. Fugitive monitoring.

7. Noise monitoring.

Apart from the above specified analytical jobs, we shall undertake investigative environmental projects suggested by the clients to meet with their analytical requirements within a reasonable cost and turnaround time.


"Dubai Laboratory is accredited to ISO 17025 : 2005 for Cosmetics  Testing...."

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