Gasoline, or petrol is a toxic translucent, yellow-tinted liquid mixture, derived from petroleum, which is primarily used as a fuel in internal combustion engines. It is also used as a solvent, mainly known for its ability to dilute paints. It consists mostly of aliphatic hydrocarbons obtained by the fractional distillation of petroleum, enhanced with isooctane or the aromatic hydrocarbons toluene and benzene to increase its octane rating. Small quantities of various additives are common, for the purposes of tuning engine performance or reducing harmful exhaust emissions. Some mixtures also contain significant quantities of ethanol as a partial alternative fuel

Geo-Chem Middle East has a full fledged gasoline analytical wing that caters to most of the common and specialized tests involved in gasoline grading.

In addition to routine analysis Geo-Chem Middle East carries out certification of cargoes coming from various parts of the world into the middle east as per the clients required specification. NATO, SOMO are a few of the certifications handled on a daily basis by Geo-Chem Middle East.


"Dubai Laboratory is accredited to ISO 17025 : 2005 for Cosmetics  Testing...."

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